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Awesome Acronym By Awesome me
Awesome Acronym
By Awesome me :iconprussiaplz:
A.mazing place to have
R.aining season
T.alented man
H.ot with eyebrows
U.r my best friend
R.emember me
Arthur Kirkland aka England in Hetalia human name
:iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 7
Gakuen Hetalia
By :iconAskhetahazardprussia:
Gakuen!Hetalia – Introducing Gilbert Beilschmidt
A young man age 19 who cause a lot of trouble for most teachers and other classmates in his School days. He mostly teases Mr. Kirkland as being too old fashion. He wears a school uniform and unbuttons 1 or 2 of it because he doesn’t like to wear it with a tie so tight so he hung his tie loosely and long black pants.
((School uniform for male is white collar shirt also have long black pants with a tie. A proper student must button all the way up and tie your tie tightly on the collar.)
Takes a marker and writes his name on the whiteboard. It written in ‘AWESOME GIL’ in a neat big row with Big WORDS written.
“HALO, LOSERS! My name is Gilbert you can call me Aweseome Gil, Gil, or GILBERT! School is always FUN! So stick to school and if you want to follow me you could!”
He walks back to his seat in an awesome style. If he gets the chance to tease a teacher he would definitely
:iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 3
Awesome Big Brother Gilbert
Awesome Big Brother Gilbert
Title: Puppy Wolf Gilbert and little rabbit Arthur
Gilbert – POV (Meeting a Rabbit that I could not eat)
It was a hot day in German as the sun shines the land it was like death ray. To me is means that I am alive and awesome I don’t mind the hot day, cold day or the warm days I live to see all the weathers.
One day I decided to walk outside the bushes to find something to do like playing with little animals. I love cute little animals their adorable to protect them. I heard someone sobbing. “Hmm… vho vould come to mein territory?” I sniff the scent was a little rabbit.
I cautiously approach the little guy and pat his shoulder. He yelps and shriek at the sudden touch and his teary eyes, with big green emerald eyes stares at mine red one. I couldn’t help but to hug him he was quivering and ends up peeing in his pants.
I tried to comfort the little guy like I do with my brother. Sadly the situation was becoming worst he crie
:iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 3
Gilbird Reaction by Askhetahazardprussia Gilbird Reaction :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 0 4 Qand A 2 by Askhetahazardprussia Qand A 2 :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 8 Q9 Dress up Day 2 by Askhetahazardprussia Q9 Dress up Day 2 :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 2 0 Q8 Dress up Day 1 by Askhetahazardprussia Q8 Dress up Day 1 :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 3 13 Q7 Q and A by Askhetahazardprussia Q7 Q and A :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 2 6 Q6 AskhetahazardPrussia by Askhetahazardprussia Q6 AskhetahazardPrussia :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 4 Q5 AskHetaHazardPrussia by Askhetahazardprussia Q5 AskHetaHazardPrussia :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 2 Q4 Ask HetaHazard Prussia by Askhetahazardprussia Q4 Ask HetaHazard Prussia :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 0
when prussia tries to call
do not shout zhe awesome me is also trying...i maybe an awesome country...but i still am sensitive..
*press certain buttons gets english but is operator*
operator: press 1 if you see a monster thats looks like tony.
press 2 if your stuck in a mansion.
press 3 when you feel your brother is gone. press 4 if your in a lab.
"ok pressing 4." *press 4*
operator: press 1 for knowing america boss is up to something. press 2 if something happens to russia. press 3 if you tried to kill america.
" ok now it doesnt make sense is this the...rescue hotlink?
operator: ja it is...
" zhe hell who am i speaking to?
operator : resscue hotlink future.
" your not pranking are you?"
operator: press the end
" zhere is no such zhing in my phone zhat has the end button..."
operator: type it and message me.
"zhe awesomeme doesnt message but call...?!"
:iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 2
Q3 Ask Hetahazard Prussia by Askhetahazardprussia Q3 Ask Hetahazard Prussia :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 3 7 Q2 AskHetaHazardPrussia by Askhetahazardprussia Q2 AskHetaHazardPrussia :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 5 27
Meeting with the 8G
Diary Entry Day 1:
I vas sitting on the couch waiting for bruder und the others to finish their speech. Then England came and check on some of the food and drinks, while I eat zhe most awesome food wurst pizza. . Then after some time England announce that someone is missing so I told them That is was me but England decline saying I didn't exist in the G8. After some time of discussion who was missing Canada came in sweating and panting he said he was sorry  und he was late but only me and Francis know about him others pretend to know except for America und Ita they had forgot about him.
Then an earthquake occur I rush to the desk to find that Ita was clingy on to me..he must have though I was West. But I let him I wasn't frighten at all ((totally did your frigging face was pale)) NEIN! I was not scared I was making sure Ita was alright. Besides I fall in a different place und left me to fend off Mein own.
((admin talking))
:iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 1 0
Q1 Ask HetaHazard Prussia by Askhetahazardprussia Q1 Ask HetaHazard Prussia :iconaskhetahazardprussia:Askhetahazardprussia 3 1


Awesome albino
Who loves Fritz
Everyone knows him
Suck it, losers!
Owns a bird
Mischievous Prussian
Eclipsing us
:iconaskhetahazardengland:AskHetaHazardEngland 12 9
Gilbird Cursor ByNekomimiArthur by Nekomimiarthur Gilbird Cursor ByNekomimiArthur :iconnekomimiarthur:Nekomimiarthur 100 17 Hetalia drinks by kyokochibi Hetalia drinks :iconkyokochibi:kyokochibi 899 254 HetaHazard - Prussia by AskHetaHazardEngland HetaHazard - Prussia :iconaskhetahazardengland:AskHetaHazardEngland 8 8 Response 291 Clothing Swap by AskHRExChibitalia Response 291 Clothing Swap :iconaskhrexchibitalia:AskHRExChibitalia 40 116 Prussian Blue by KanroRiyaku Prussian Blue :iconkanroriyaku:KanroRiyaku 118 7 The awesome mobile by bramble215 The awesome mobile :iconbramble215:bramble215 296 92 Prujun lovechild by kwolfdemonk Prujun lovechild :iconkwolfdemonk:kwolfdemonk 6 22 AWESOME PRUSSIA MOCHI by yumekay AWESOME PRUSSIA MOCHI :iconyumekay:yumekay 2 0 HetaHazard-The Earthquake and The Fall by MadJesters1 HetaHazard-The Earthquake and The Fall :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 1,102 394


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Gilbert Beilschmidt
(Important fact the Brackets = admin talking( )
while the non brackets is Prussia talking )
Halo, my little Angel and devils. I'm the awesome Prussia. So ask me vhy I trap with ita-chan Bruder. Because is not awesome to trap the awesome me. Und I can kill monster in this lab solo because I am just too awesome for them to kill me und I help other awesome people like me Bruder to get avay from this weird lab.
So Ask Zhe AWESOME Me!

People who are in zhe unawesome lab are
:iconaskhetahazardengland: :iconaskhetahazardamerica: :iconaskhetahazard-canada:
:iconask-hetahazardromano: :iconaskhetahazarditaly:
:iconask-hetahazard-hk: :iconaskhetahazardjapan:
:iconhetahazardrussian: < He watches YOU

Mein Best Friend


Other Account:
She is zhe awesome admin :iconyumekay:

Drawn by my admin > :iconyumekay:
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
HetaHazard © Sadaie
Resident Evil/BioHazard © Shinji Mikami
Okay let's see who truly reads my journals.... you and I wake up in a police car together. Using Four words only, what would you say to me? Note: if you comment, you must copy and paste this to your journal so I can comment on your post as well. Be good and play along.


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